Healing Abandonment Wounding: Charlene’s Story

“Trauma is a psychic wound that hardens you psychologically that then interferes with your ability to grow and develop.

It pains you and now you’re acting out of pain. It induces fear and now you’re acting out of fear.

The essence of trauma is disconnection from ourselves. Trauma is not terrible things that happen from the other side—those are traumatic. But the trauma is that very separation from the body and emotions…..


Knowing oneself comes from attending with compassionate curiosity to what is happening within.” (Dr Gabor Mate)

So happy to be guiding this beautiful lady, wife and mammy, through healing deep childhood abandonment and rejection wounding.

After trying various modalities to heal her neural attachment wounding, limiting beliefs and contracted behavioural patterns, including years of talk therapy and life coaching, my client Charlene has come to the realisation that the trauma she incurred is still live within her nervous system, limbic system and soma. Metaphysically, the trauma is dictating every move, action, decision, emotion, thought and vocabulary she speaks, every behaviour she enacts, every sensation she feels including tightness and panic in the chest and boldly pain (especially jaw, shoulder, trapezius and markers all around her pelvic area).

She is in a blend of fight to fawn response, with her behaviours including over giving, over pleasing, staying super busy and never resting (causing gut and womb space issues) withholding expression, food restriction, over exercising, to name a few

With neuroplasticity and vagal nerve toning, we are going to rewire all of these neurodevelopmental patterns, where she will finally meet her true, unconditioned, limitless self

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