Why use a “Bottom Up” Approach

The science shows that we’re “bottom-up” beings.

We are embodied electricity and frequency

80% of the informational electrical impulses and transmitted messages being signalled through our vagus nerve are from the body to the brain through the gut-brain axis. Only 20% are signalled from the brain to the body.

The explicit and declarative memory centre of the brain, the hippocampus, deactivates during a traumatic experience. As adrenaline rushes to the he brain, it decreases the activity of the hippocampus. It causes brain fog and inability to recall memories. Cortisol, our primary stress hormone, then expands and widens the activity of the amygdala. This gland plays a vital role in emotions, emotional behavior, and motivation. It is the integrative centre that forms the core of our neural system for processing fearful and threatening stimuli. It signals the activation of the nervous system and fear-related behaviors in response to threatening or dangerous stimulus ie mobilise into fight or flight or freeze, shut down and immobilise

Once this occurs, the autonomous nervous system is in control. It is completely involuntary, and runs outside of our conscious awareness. Neurons are fired up and it’s signalled neuroceptively through receptors and synaptic impulses

Trauma is embodied. Pain is a felt experience. E-motions and thoughts are a by-product of nervous system activation.

It’s ALL energy

Trauma, pain, hurt, stress, anxiety…. The energy behind all of it is stored in our implicit memory centres… in our emotional memory, muscle memory, soma, connective tissue and fascia, sensory memory,, autonomic neuralmatrix memory

This is why true healing happens when we drop into the body, following a bottom-up approach… by focusing on the body, regulating the nervous systems safety and survival response (ie deactivating the amygdala), and processing old emotions, perceptions, feelings, thoughts, sensations.

The top-down approach of cognitive processing (thinking and talking) will help you to understand on a analytical level. But it will not release the trauma and pain from the body, which inevitably will keep you stuck in cycles of stress activation and repeated patterns

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