Releasing Energetic Imprints

Here is my coaching client Siobhan explaining how a traumatic imprint from childhood informed her perceptions, beliefs, feelings and thoughts, behaviours, which embedded into her nervous system, limbic system, biochemistry and gene expression, and hardwired into her neural matrix. She lived in chronic cycles of survival her whole life, which we have been actively rewiring the past year. She is actively rewiring her nervous system through the portal of the vagus nerve, and assisting her body in discharging the energy behind tbe imprint to dismantle the neural firing that has been playing through a synapsis her whole life

Siobhan’s personal memoir….

“I felt to share this part of my journey and whilst it is extremely vulnerable, it is beautiful, as its a part of my healing, here I am doing some rewiring of subconscious beliefs, as I have a subconscious belief around me buying my new car and learning to drive.

Yesterday I journalled on the subconscious belief, the belief itself, the trigger, the behaviour patterns, the internal sensations, the feelings and the emotions, as well as thought patterns.

I then followed this through by going into the body, by activating the vagus nerve which is why l’m massaging myself in the video and recalling the moment I’m which this subconscious belief stemmed from.

I then had an ah ha moment, yes I had a bad experience with my previous driving instructor which affrimed to me i am not safe in a car, but then the root cause of it was as a child my dad was an alcoholic and drank drove home from the pub with me in the car, which resulted in me to be in a stressed state. – fight or flight mode – always waiting for something bad to happen.

Siobhan’s dad, who passed away suddenly and tragically 7 years ago

This wave of sadness just washed over me, when I recalled these images of me as a little girl, feeling so scared in a the car, associated with the lack of control I had whilst my dad not only put, his own life at risk but also mine and other drivers, with this also came a sense of rejection as when he took this risk on a regular basis, it affirmed to me that I wasn’t loved and didn’t matter as it was a risk he was willing to take.

As you can see in the video (which I sped up) I am having a somatic release (shaking) this is the energy releasing from the body that is associated with the traumatic experience. There is still energy around the experience that I will continue to work on releasing.

This is the price you pay for peace, by going back to the deepest wounds, and ripping off the plaster in order to heal. I cant find the words to explain how painful it is to go back to memories like this when it’s so deep rooted, but by feeling it, you heal it, and that’s the very thing that you will set you free”

One response to “Releasing Energetic Imprints”

  1. I love this
    Inspiring and empowering journey towards healing and changing subconscious beliefs. Congratulations to Siobhan for actively rewiring her nervous system and for the bravery to face and heal deep-rooted childhood wounds.


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