Tina’s Memoir

Tina is moving into month 9 of her somatic healing journey. She has been working with me at a coaching capacity since September, on my higher awakening programme. She has been actively healing and rewiring her nervous system, and clearing the imprints of pain, trauma, rejection, self doubt, from her neural pathway, under my guidance

Here’s what she had to say….

“I just had a lightbulb moment…

I’m down a Snapchat rabbit hole from 2019 back to 2016…. I’m looking back and thinking why did I think I was so awful looking, I look beautiful in all the photos even the ones that I’m making silly faces in. Like you I spent all of my 20’s and all of my 30’s up until now feeling I wasn’t pretty enough. Enough for who?! I just didn’t like who I was and I didn’t know who I was and it was the words of my grandmother telling me I was ugly and fat replaying over and over that lead to that pattern. Now that I’ve forgiven her I’m starting to actively see and feel my worth. I spent so many years beating myself up and feeling so worthless. I could sit here and feel sorry for myself about all those lost years but I’m just so grateful to be awake now, to be aware of the why and how it shows up.

I want to thank you for guiding me to this point Danielle. The space that you hold and the guidance you give that leads to such abundant healing is unparalleled in this world. You are making your mark on Earth and I can’t wait to see you rise and reach so many more souls on this journey.

I’m beautiful inside and outside and I’m so here for my second coming; for my new life.

Bring it on!!!”

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