Amy’s Story

My client Amy in a whole body Neogenic Release, which persisted for 35 minutes.

She has been on my coaching programme since September last year and has made transformative internal transitions and changes… her behaviours, thoughts, beliefs, awareness, feelings, actions, words have all changed in accordance with healing her neuroceptive pathway.

She is becoming a coherent being, having lived in dissociative states for a very long time

She lived a life through a subconscious and unconscious lens of fear and safety, self protection, withdrawal, dissociation from emotions, disconnection from the body.

She learnt many coping mechanisms that were impinged in her neural pathway from early childhood dynamics and experiences. She learnt that it was safer to shut down and withhold self expression, than to be open and vulnerable.

Through unravelling the subconscious via psychoanalysis, it became transparent that her neurodevelopmental beliefs and patterns were wired into chronic sympathetic responses, generally flight states for her, with a blend of freezing responses.

At the age of 17, Amy lost her little sister Hazel (who was 7) to cancer.. shortly after she lost her father… two massive traumas to experience which she never fully processed and recovered from . She had used various therapy portals, including psychotherapy, which lead her into studying. But, came to the conclusion that it wasn’t enough.. she still felt stuck. This is when she found somatic healing, followed by my practise.

We are rewiring all of this through various neural plasticity protocols

She is a professional integrative psychotherapist. Through her own somatic healing, she is beginning to implement body work into guiding her own therapy clients.

This is the beauty of real life, felt experiences…. The truth ripples outwards onto absolutely everyone we meet

We are all messengers for one another

We are Mirrors

And Amy has a profound message based upon scientific truth to share. She will help her clients to truly heal and recover, to come back home into the body, and feel safety un living in a felt, embodied space

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