Your Tree Of Life

You’ve tried it all, cognitive therapies, CBT, counselling, psychotherapy, yet you are still reliving and experiencing the same cyclical patterns of emotions, feelings, sensations, numbness, bodily tightness, thoughts…

You’ve tried other portals… mindfulness, journaling, trying to just think positive, energy work (reiki, rahanni, angelic, plant med)

You know on a mind level, and consciously want to be free, but for some deeper rooted reason you are physically and physiologically unable to move forward.

You still feel trapped. Reliving the past in the present moment. Maybe having regular flashbacks, all of which trigger you into another repeated stress cycle.

You are living in a state of safety (sympathetic fight-flight) or maybe have gone past the capacity of that and into survival (dorsal vagal shut down). You’re not truly living, rather you’re coping your way through life.

Essentially, you’re living in a body that is stuck in a time capsule. And your embodied pain is dictating your entire reality.

Our limbic system is hardwired to hold on to traumatic experiences to protect us and ensure our survival needs are met. The amygdala and hippocampus store absolutely every dynamic that caused you pain. Unprocessed trauma then embeds itself into the nervous system through a protective response called “tissue memory”. Your neuroceptive pathway stores the memory and energy (catecholines & glucocorticoids) behind the traumatisation

It’s for this reason that you experience emotional highs and deep lows, living in a chronic state of in fight/flight, or maybe in dissociation and disconnection, withdrawing from people and life

You feel numb. You’re in a fog.

Your nervous system is communicating to you that it is still in a dysregulated, overwhelmed state. If left on overdrive over a long period of time, it can lead to depressive cycles, PTSD, anxiety attacks, intense migraines, low immunity, physical pain, to name a few. This same survival response is also why many end up reliving traumatic cycles in their lives, such as engaging in unhealthy relationship dynamics, that reinact the trauma that is already held within their metaphysical make up and geopathic narrative that is deeply embedded into the neural pathway

Your nervous system is your tree of life, your life force, your internal electrical system. And the branches are the various storylines and chapters of your personal biography.

What story is your tree telling?

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