Ixchels Road To Recovery

Ixchel initially began working with me, on my coaching programme, in March 2022 to work through various neurodevelopmental patterns and emotional woundings that were causing regular anxiety attacks and cycles of depression

We were also preparing her nervous system, mind and body for a life changing operation that was just around the corner…

She was born with structural damage to both hips. She has congenital hip dysplasia which is when the head of the femur does not fit in the socket because the socket itself is too shallow or just incorrectly formed, resulting in the head of the femur being exposed. Every step was extremely painful for her, and painful bouts of sciatica was a daily experience for her. Daily activities, as simple as walking and functional movement, were a challenge for her…

On January 10th she had her right hip operated on, broken and fused. Her surgeon facilitated this in San Francisco, her home town. She flew back to Ireland mid January and began rehab immediately. She is now 3 and half months post reconstruction surgery

She used an alternative pathway of psychosomatic therapy to assist her healing. She is currently not using any prescription pain medication, while she used these only initially immediately after surgery (oxy) for exteme pain levels. She has been seeing me monthly since January, inplementing soma work pretty much immediately after surgery to assist her nervous system, manage pain levela and reduce inflammation.

She is also implementing vagus nerve activation techniques at home, and following specific dietary, supplementary and fasting protocols. She is now able to weight bare on her leg and is pretty much crutch free and mobile

“Yesterday I felt brave after our session. I cried for probably half an hour. You are a blessing and I appreciate all of the truth you have spoken to me and encouraged me to open up to. Without the awareness I’ve begun to think and feel with I do not think I would be healing so quickly.”
The top you can see is still broken but new bone is beginning to connect the gap. The middle has almost fused completely and the bottom one looks like normal healthy bone

Originally American, and from San Francisco, Isis is here in Ireland studying medicine with RCSI. She wants to specialise in surgery. Having been through this lived process, she is going to be an impeachable well informed surgeon who patients will absolutely relate with

Her next op date is August where her left hip will be worked on. And we are well prepared for that!

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