The Core of Psychosomatics

At the core of my work is…

To create a neurobiology of safety and security

To take a journey into the autonomic nervous system and learn to connect with the language, cognition and narratives of the body

To create an embodied awareness, meaning, an expansive inner sense of self that feels connected, safe and supportive

To create a coherent superhighway, through the branches of the vagus nerve, between the brain, gut and body

To address the subconscious limiting beliefs that are keeping you anchored to the past with the intention to connect with an authentic version of you, the un-programmed ,de-conditioned you… meaning, you without the trauma patterns, trauma responses, coping mechanisms, and maladaptations directing your life

To address the key biology pieces to the trauma imprinted nervous system and somatic body. This includes addressing biochemical imbalances, hormonal misalignments, looking at the impacts of trauma and stress on a cellular level, tuning into your epigenetics and line of ancestral trauma, understanding your early attachment and neurodevelopment patterns impinged and attuned during formative years, and so much more

The work is absolutely transformative and will change your life, from deep within your internal environment, and will radiate out into your external reality

Life will never ever be, feel or appear the same as your lens through which you perceive life will change, at a neuroceptive, synaptic, interoceptive, proprioceptive and cellular level

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