Retrace and Resolve

Your body will tell you what previous traumas need to be retraced, recalled and resolved

The body doesn’t speak words as a way of remembering the past. It speaks implicitly, non verbally, through various sensory cues and electrical impulses

It communicates through tightening, bracing, collapsing, withdrawing, numbing, dissociating, freezing…. Movements, sensations, pain, facial expressions, tone of voice, posture, breathing patterns, the beats of your heart are also ways it signals to you.

There can be a mismatch and incoherence between what you know on a mind level (intellectually) to what you feel viscerally

The incompatibility of what you long for (be it inner peace, happiness, to feel safe, to feel joy, within) and what your body expresses to you (usually, I don’t feel safe, life is threatening, I can’t trust anyone) can keep you feeling stuck in cyclical cycles of mobilisation and immobilisation, and never truly feel connected to the world around you

Client Aoife in a neurogenic release

You realise intellectually that you’re safe, but your body continues to respond otherwise. The narratives playing within the nervous system and somatic body are anchored to the past

Trying to think positively, just letting it go or talking about something highly painful that happened over and over isn’t harnessing the language of your body. It’s like watering a tree’s leaves to help it grow instead of its roots.

Regulation starts in your body. It begins with going to the root of the tree….. the nervous system

Working directly with the body builds a foundation for resilience and regulation, where you can begin to gradually and slowly process sensations, emotions, perceptions, and thoughts from past traumas and woundings

When you discharge the energy and hormones mobilised with the stress stored in your body, you bring your nervous system back into balance, into a healthy baseline and window of tolerance

Online client Niamh in a somatic release

Although some stimulus can soothe your feelings of distress for the short term (eg reiki, talk therapy, CBT, cacao, mindfulness, gym, card readings, spa days etc) it’s not until you complete the stress activation cycles from the past that it leads to true, real recovery and regulation, that is fully embodied

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