Addicted to stress?

Are you living in cyclical states of stress, panic and anxiety?

Is your neurobiological and neuroceptive pathway conditioned to states of fear? Is your nervous system programmed to safety or survival response?

Is your body in a cycle of producing fear proteins to “keep you safe”? Are you always on the go and struggle to be still, as it feels too uncomfortable or “not normal”? Is your biochemistry conditioned to stress, where now your brain and body is craving the rush of cortisol, dopamine and adrenaline as this maladaptive state has become your dominant state of being? Essentially, is stress, pain and fear all you know?

Are you always waiting for the next “threat”, the next “failure”, and worst case scenario? Is your subconscious mind conditioned to “I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough, I’m not safe to allow life to happen and be in receivership?”

Do you believe things “never go your way”? Are there subconscious beliefs dictating how you live your life? Do you perceive the world as dangerous, and that other people are just “lucky” and in the “right place at the right time”? Do you blame others, step into victim mode, rather than taking ownership for self?

Are you living in an internal environment that is anchored to the past? You want to move forward but physical can’t seem to? You feel stuck, calcified to the past?

Are you experiencing negative inner dialogue and self doubt? Are you reactive when someone or something triggers you? Do you fight or flee or freeze? Are you able to emotionally regulate and self soothe?

Are you experiencing regular flare ups and inflammation? Regular sicknesses, bouts of pain, physical tension?

Did you know that through neuroplasticity, you can rewire ALL of this limiting hardwired data in your internal energy system, fire up new neural impulses, currents and circuits to a higher coding, where you will raise your frequency on the quantum field, and align / match with a reality that is so much more expansive, abundant, freeing?

The reality you desire also desires you. Nothing outside of you is creating a reality for you. It’s all within you. Your external reality is merely a mirror.

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