Who is Somatic Therapy for?


Somatic literally means working with the body, as opposed to the mind. 80% of your body’s signals are transmitted neurally to the CNS and brain from the peripheral nervous system and body. Only 20% is transmitted from the brain down. The brain is more of a logistics warehouse, our computer and projection screen. The body however is the modem, holding all of the cellular data, sensory and fascial information that dictates our behaviours, mood, actions, emotions, feelings.

Our body and ANS holds implicit, non-verbal information, which runs neuroceptively outside of our conscious awareness. It holds memory of absolutely everything we experienced since being in our mother’s womb. And even at that, epigentics is carried through us in our gene expression.

I specialise in retraining and reparenting the Autonomic Nervous System, through desensitising the Amygdala in the limbic system, toning the Vagus Nerve and thereby strengthening the Parasympathetic Nervous System which is our anti-inflammatory system. The foundations of my approach stems from neuroscience, and theoretical method based on the Polyvagal Theory.

I work with every single nerve cell in your body that is holding onto past memories that caused you pain and hurt, which inevitably led you to live in fear and in states of fight-fight-freeze-fawn as a means of coping and protecting yourself.

We work with the lens of programmed beliefs and disempowering behaviours that you are subconsciously living your life with. Through the vagus nerve we assist the body in discharging this old cellular information, so that we can imprint and activate more aligned information that better serves us mentally, physiologically, spiritually.

I do all of this at a neural junction and synaptic level. This refers to the area of transmission of electric nerve impulses between two nerve cells, or indeed between a nerve cell and a gland or muscle cell. The intention here is to create complete coherence throughout the body, brain and gut. The intention is to create and shape a coherent neuro matrix, with electrical signals and impulses flowing smoothly between each nerve circuit throughout brain to body.

Through this neuro-biological rewiring process, it is usual that clients move through a spiritual awakening process and attune to a higher consciousness, where a connection line with their Spirit opens and deepens

My approach to somatic therapy, where I work directly with the nervous system and vagus nerve, can be benefited by absolutely everyone. But its particularly effective for souls who have experienced, or currently experiencing, traumatic events such as:

  • adverse childhood trauma such as domestic abuse, alcoholism in the home, abandonment, homelessness, neglect, parental divorce
  • sexual abuse such as non consensual sex
  • addiction problems such as food, drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping
  • tragic and traumatic accident, involved or witnessed as trauma can be secondary
  • crime victimisation
  • domestic violence including physical and verbal abuse
  • failure experiences affirming self limiting prophecies
  • phobias, which are learnt
  • sudden death of a loved one and deep losses such as miscarriage, spouse, child
  • ongoing stress, panic attacks and anxiety showing a nervous system stuck in a chronic state of sympathetic response
  • cycles of depression and deep lowness showing a nervous system in dorsal vagal shut down state
  • physical traumas and traumatic injuries
  • bullying
  • outer body experiences, cycles of dissociation, flashbacks, struggling with PTSD
  • women with womb space issues, fertility, conception and menstruation problems
  • libido problems (eg unable to orgasm)
  • chronic pain, joint pain, ongoing inflammation, regular flare ups including fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis
  • weight issues and distorted eating habits such as binging and restrictive patterns
  • suffering with migraines
  • stuck in dysfunctional behavioural patterns
  • consistent ruminating thoughts
  • poor sleep and insomnia
  • digestive issues such as IBS, bloating, gas, crohns
  • skin problems such as acne and eczema
  • ongoing throat problems such as strep, thyroid, ulcers, sore throat
  • attention issues (eg ADHD) and memory problems (eg brain fog)
  • self harm as means of pain relief
  • immune system issues showing up as asthma, crohns, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, allergies
  • cardiac issues such as high blood pressure, racing heart beats, Arrhythmia
  • respiratory issues such as asthma, irregular breathing rate, COPD
  • sensory issues resulting in ailments such as vertigo and tinnitus

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