Dis-ease is caused by Dysregulation

This statement is absolutely TRUE, and is based on the foundations of neuroscience and polyvagal theory

You cannot argue science, as it is tangible, factual and supported by concrete evidence

Do you care for your nervous system and internal energy system? Are you in cyclical states of stress response, fight and flight energy streams? Are you stuck in trauma responses? Do you experience chronic pain and periods of inflammation? Do you discharge stress energy from your system? Do you care for your adrenal cortex? Do you care for your digestive system and gut? Are you consciously toning your vagus nerve and activating your parasympathetic nervous system (your anti-inflammation response)?

The nervous system transmits signals between the brain and the rest of the body, including internal organs. In this way, the nervous system’s activity controls the ability to move, breathe, see, think, and more. The basic unit of the nervous system is a nerve cell, or neuron. The human brain contains about 100 billion neurons. A neuron has a cell body, which includes the cell nucleus, and special extensions called axons (pronounced AK-sonz) and dendrites (pronounced DEN-drahytz). Bundles of axons, called nerves, are found throughout the body. Axons and dendrites allow neurons to communicate, even across long distances

Do you sit still and allow time for presence practise? Are you living in a body that feels unsafe? Are you wired all of the time, jittery, on the go, and can’t be still? Do you move through periods of dissociation and like you’re walking on clouds? Do you feel emotionally dysregulated, and stuck in cyclical behavioural patterns repetitive subconscious limiting beliefs? Are you in balance between your masculine and feminine energies? Do you track your HRVand levels of deep sleep? Do you push push push, and then crash, and get “sick”? Do you have super highs, and super lows?

Essentially… Are you calcified in a maladaptive state that has now become your dominant state of being?

You can take all of the supplements, eat “clean” and healthy, exercise regularly, drink all of the kombucha and cacao, take all of the plant medicine, go for all of the Reiki, talk about your issues for hours upon hours…. but if you’re not actively and consciously regulating your autonomic nervous system and navigating your internal electrical circuits, you are always going to fall short

Dis-ease is caused by dysregulation

Dysregulation within the nervous system causes energetic imbalances

Energetic imbalances cause sicknesses, leading to discomfort, to which eventually shows up physical form and physiologically

The key to all embodied healing is your nervous system

And this is truth

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