New Year, Same Old You?

Have your New Year’s resolutions fallen through? Do you set new year resolutions every year and just naturally find yourself back in old patterns?

Do you know what is going on here?

Hardwired programming and stored trauma in the body: this energy is embodied, with programming running through every nerve ending, muscle, tissue, organ, cell, follicle, in your whole entire body. It is dictating how you live your life, your emotions, your feelings, thoughts, actions, choices, the words you use, how you hold yourself (eg posture, tone of voice)

Stored trauma can be seen in the everyday patterns of peoples lives. These patterns show up in our relationships with self and with others, in our energy levels and our mood, in our health (physical, mental, emotional), and in our coping mechanisms (fight-flight-freeze-fawn).

How do we change these automatic patterns?

We have to go to the root and the origin of the trauma(s) and rewire it. We have to create brain-body coherence and apply it to our lives…

We have to unlock and deep dive into the neurobiological and neuroceptive pathways…

We need to meet the subconscious mind, communicate with the inner child, while also bringing awareness to what storylines and narratives are playing out repetitively in the autonomic nervous system.

The first place we have to start with these patterns is in addressing and identifying where and from who these patterns were learnt (eg parents, caregivers, school, friends, through secondary trauma, etc) and then through somatic awareness and applying the tools, release the stored trauma from the areas that it has impinged on

This is the only way the body and nervous system can recalibrate and move into a healthy window of tolerance and baseline, where new patterns can be biochemically generated, fired up and hardwired in every nerve cell (neurons) where a new neuromatrix is live in the neural pathway

Otherwise, the stored trauma will continue to sabotage you. It’s heavy dense energy and will create repetitive re-enactment, where the NS is craving to heal, but as you’re unconscious of this, you block the healing (resisting, dissociating, numbing out)

But what you resist, persists: your shadows will keep chasing you

That is what is holding you back.

That’s what is holding you down, when you want to be so much more

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