Neurogenic Tremoring for Trauma Release

This here is Somatic Experiencing with Neurogenic Tremoring

This one way that the body releases trauma, tension, stress, anxiety, and past painful experiences that have been stored or imprinted deep within the muscles and fascia (fibrous tissue).

The body is this intelligent and this powerful….

When we stuff away pain, the body stores the memories in our muscles, and connective tissues that surrounds the muscles, our blood vessels and nerves

We may numb out and dissociate as a means of self preservation and protection, but…. the body knows the score and like a diary, the nervous system holds all of the memoirs. It will keep reminding you (through experiencing cyclical patterns and feelings, attracting similar situations and people that affirm limiting beliefs and narratives, and much more) until you “wake up”

This is why I use an integrative neurophysiological approach to guiding people who are on a healing journey

We NEED to go into the body, draw into embodied presence, to heal out old shadows and imprints. It’s the only way to truly heal and break free of old patterns.

Mind level work alone will not break the cycle. Reiki won’t cure you. Crystals, oracles and affirmations won’t magically make pain or imprints disappear.

Deep embodied awareness is the key to freedom: you hold all the answers.

I know this to be true in my own healing and with guiding many others through the healing process

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