Lose Control; Surrender To Happiness

As humans, we are deeply conditioned to spend our lives trying to create the “perfect conditions” to live. We spend years in college studying to qualify to enter the system, work 8-5 Monday to Friday, seek out promotions to earn a little more, we seek to feel more worthy in a world that places net value on an insignificant hierarchy, we work towards building up a pension for retirement, we seek the perfect house and spend 30 odd years in bondage to a bank paying off a huge debt, if we’re lucky, we go on 1 or 2 holidays a year.

We get caught in the trap of being a slave to life, projecting into the future, seeking to feel safe and secure, without truly and fully living and experiencing the fullness of life and the beauty that this world holds.

Most people “know” on a mind level happiness that happiness is not a future event. Yet their core limiting beliefs and subconscious mind believes and creates from the opposite. It is so engrained in us to go, to do, to seek, to stay busy. There is no space for stillness and presence in a world that has been built on capitalism and consumerism.

In the Western World, there is a collective limiting belief that for us to arrive at happiness, we need more money, we need a secure home, we need a successful secure career, we need the perfect partner, we need to “settle down”. Only then we will arrive at the “destination of happiness”.

But here is the missing puzzle piece. Happiness is an emotion. It’s a deep inner embodied feeling that is accessible on the daily.

Happiness is not found at a “finish line”. There isn’t even a finish line to get to.

Life is a journey, not a race. It is a dance to be danced. And only if we allow ourselves to be in the flow of the dance, we allow happiness to come online within.

Life is happening right now. You don’t need “perfect conditions”. I most certainly don’t, but I feel happiness deep within me for my life and how I am creating my reality for myself and building it on my core values – freedom, love, integrity and truth.

Dare to taste the thrill of what your life could look, sound, taste and feel like. Only you are blocking you. Get out of your own way.

Release the hold. Lose control. You are safe to do so.

Surrender to happiness

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