The Nervous System

I truly believe the world of mental health will transform when people realise the pivotal role of the nervous system in human well being. The NS, how it is wired, what trauma and/or programming it is holding onto and storing, dictates overall human wellbeing and functioning. It informs our behaviours, thoughts, emotions, patterns, reactions and responses to situations, and even informs our posture, tone of voice, to name afew.

The homeostatic state of the vagus nerve in the NS informs everything in our personal reality. This nerve is a bundle of nerves that begins in the limbic system – the emotional part of the brain, where the amygdala and subconscious mind is. It is connected to our inner child and shadow/programmed self. The nerve connects with our gut (second brain) and all of our vital organs. It works in unison with the brain, sending signals / messages up and down and around the body at lightening speed. The tone of the vagus nerve, its flexibility and overall functioning, shapes our external reality and dictates our emotional experiences

The NS shapes your personal reality based on the past memories that it is holding onto, which always goes back to early childhood programming. It holds the foundation for how you believe, see and perceive the world. It informs how you show up in the world, how you relate to the world and to others, how you relate in partnerships. It dictates how you lead and think, react or respond to and move through overwhelming experiences and situations. It shapes how we create and innovate, problem solve, adapt, perform and function in the world

Do you know your dominant state in the nervous system? Are you in hyper arousal or hypo arousal, in a high alert sympathetic or grounded parasympathetic state? Are you in survival response seeking to feel safe and secure? Are you stuck in overdrive? Are you stuck in fight, flight or freeze or fawn? Is your body showing inflammation cues? Do you suffer with ongoing stress and anxiety?

This is what I help souls to understand. I guide souls into somatic embodiment, moving out of the mind and connecting with the body. Embodiment is the key to healing and the state of the NS is the starting point to understanding yourself and how your brain and body is functioning.

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