What does the healing process look like?

What people think healing looks like can be misconstrued….


It is beautiful

It is empowering

It is freeing

It is expansive

But what about the darkness of it all that not many feel open to share

It is vulnerable, messy and without a support network holding space for you, it can be extremely dark and difficult to navigate as you are basically going deep into your underworld and unravelling everything you believe yourself to be at a core identity and self concept level

Who you thought and believed yourself to be, isn’t you at all. It was all a construct and an illusion. When you see and feel this, your life begins to shatter into fragments and falls to the ground. You then find yourself in a space of, who even am I?

As you move through the putrefaction and dissolution of layers, shadows and subconscious programming, there are periods where you feel so light and buzzy, and full love. But as you go up the vortex of energy, you must come down into a deflation phase. These phases invoke deep pain, uncertainty, confusion, anger, hurt, upset, resent, utter shakiness. It is so difficult taking ownership for all of it, and not want to point fingers, and feel victimised by life and other people.

In truth, the only person you should be pointing at is you. You hold all the answers to your issues and problems. Blaming others only keeps you stuck in the loop of pain, trauma, and a world of illusions.

What happened to you isn’t your fault. But it is your as an adult to take responsibility, and begin to re-reparent and rewire yourself. Only you can break the geopathic cycle.

If you want to change your personal realty, you need to unravel your “personality”, an image of you who was constructed through the lens of cultural, family and environmental conditioning

Who you think you are isn’t who you truly are. Who you are in spirit is so pure.

Remember loves, remember the truth.

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