Three Truths About Trauma

  1. Science epirgenetics shows that trauma creates biological change which can last over generations. This means that any trauma our ancestors experienced has been passed down through bloodline. It’s encoded in our genetic expression, stored in our DNA and cellular data. This is very evident in our sexual organs and for women, the womb space. I know this was the case for me.
  2. When experienced in childhood and developmental stages, it alters the structure of the brain and wiring of the nervous system. It hardwires a neuroceptive pathway between the limbic system (emotional part of the brain that only knows pleasure/pain; also where our subconscious is) and the autonomic nervous system (embodied neural network) that is conditioned to the trauma and pain. This taxes and dysregylates the Vagus Nerve, which modulates 90% of our brain-gut axis. This results living life through the lens of fear, as your emotional brain and neural network is hardwired to it. It’s imprinted on and within you, forcing you to unconsciously live through the safety mechanisms we are innately born with.
  3. Trauma makes you more resilient, however, there is a reason for this: dysregulation and suppression. It causes a person to be less sensitive to future trauma and unable to perceive potential “threats” or red flags, as their internal system is in an unregulated state to “fight flight freeze”. This usually means intuition is shut off and if gut feelings drop in, they aren’t listened to as the body just want to stay safe. They have also suppressed the past trauma so deep into the psyche that it is not accessible in their conscious awareness; the subconscious is in the driving seat. Someone who has experienced a lot of trauma and appears to be “strong” is actually someone who is in survival, in dissociation from their body and bypassing their feelings, avoiding and resisting dealing with the inner pain. This can be unconscious. But it means the trauma cycle has not completed and a clear sign that the body has not discharged the autonomic nervous energy. So it stays stuck, imprinted an stored and you remain surviving through the suppressed emotions and past painful memories, creating your reality from this energy.

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