Are You Seeing Clearly?

The path of healing is not only one of transcendence, rising above the shakiness on a journey from 3D to living in Spirit. It is also one of death/descent – of shadows, dissolution and disappointment – where what we’ve only ever known and who we have identified as in the world is taken to dust

We become bare and unclothed of fixed concepts and programmed conditioning. But the lunar current has a clear map for us. Can you trust your higher self?

There are no guarantees of a permanent state where we’re free from the rug being pulled out from underneath us. As human beings, pain is inevitable. It’s part of the experience.

There’s no solid reference point, no self concept, or self identity to organise around and hide under. We’re no longer able to take refuge in a mask we’ve always worn. The realisations of yesterday.. gone. We’re naked… but ALIVE for the first time since we birthed into the world.

The movement from wanting to know “what’s next?”, from “here” to “there”, is washed away as we realise only Now remains. The fantasy of completing a mythical spiritual journey or “mastering” life is replaced by humility and awe, as we fall to the ground in the face of how little we know. I always say “I know what I know, but I know nothing really”. The universe always reminds me of this.

In these instances, I invite you to bow down with grace, where the images of old dreams are displayed, disappointments, realisations and joys. Here lies the entirety of our lived and unlived life. Grief is there, as is bliss, loneliness, joy, despair and love, in all its forms. We may “succeed” in one moment only to “fail” in the next, lost and then found, then lost again. Do we really fail or get lost? Or is it all grace and a precious part of this journey on earth?

We may find ourselves asking, “where is more mastery..where is more enlightenment.. where are more lovers, where can I manifest more..”, do you feel you don’t have enough? When do you pay gratitude and say thank you for every small detail in your life? This is where magic lies.

The feast is already laid out before us, sprinkled throughout the moon, stars, water, forests and in the eyes of the ones standing in front of us.

Are you seeing clearly what lies directly in front of you?

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