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My name is Danielle Hayes and I am the founder and owner of this Professional Holistic and Alternative Health Service based in the heart of Dublin City Centre.

I am a trauma informed Traumatologist, trained in Vagus Nerve Toning and Energy Healing. I specialise in Trauma Release, Somatic Therapy, Nervous System Regulation, Vagus Nerve Toning and Energy Mastery. I offer a multitude of services in my practise and offerings which encompass, Somatic Experiencing, Trauma and PTSD Therapy, Subconscious Rewiring, Nervous System Healing, and Energy Realignment. Neuroscience, Polyvagal Theory, Neuroplasticity and Metaphysics form the foundation of my work, but I am a deeply spiritual person and you will feel this from working with me also.

My intention is to help people reconnect with themselves. True healing begins when we stop searching outside ourselves. When we realise that all of our pain, issues and perceived problems have arisen from deep within us, we see that we already house all of the answers we are searching for. I know this is to be true through my own healing.

We have to remember the truth. Give yourself permission to see through the veil of consciousness and take ownership for your life. You are the creator and destroyer of your reality, and the power lies in your hands.

On a deeper level, I help souls to identify their core limiting beliefs and values, neurodevelopmental patterns, attachment woundings, behavioural patterns and trauma responses. These are imprinted during formative years in childhood through familial, environmental and societal conditioning and/or adverse childhood traumatic events. From here I guide souls in unravelling their Self Concept and Self Identity on the basis of these limiting narratives that were imprinted within the neurobiological pathway. I guide them through a putrefaction and dissolution process of the constructed ‘Ego’. Until we process and heal our Shadow Self and unravel all of its layers, we stay energetically and metaphysically stuck in what is called a ‘Geopathic Storyline’. We will play out repeated and cyclical experiences based on dynamics that feel normal and home to us. Again I know this through my own life experiences, constantly finding myself in a loop after loop.

On a neurobiological and neuroceptive level, I work closely with the Limbic System, the emotionality part of the brain that stores subconscious memories, and the Autonomous Nervous System, our embodied neural network which carries and stores past information in and around the body. I guide souls in resetting and rewiring the subconscious mind, and work on a somatic embodied level to reset the narratives playing in the autonomous nervous system. The intention here is to help souls move into their embodied network, to ‘get empty’ and clear their energetic channel and physical vessel of past imprints that have been lying stagnant. The brain-body-gut axis holds the memories of past painful experiences and the imprints of trauma, which inevitably dictates our entire life, how we show up and how we perceive reality. These imprints are visceral and are stored in our nerve cells, mitochondria, muscles, fascia, connective tissues, organs, gut. We have to deep dive into the body, clear it out and get empty, so we can free ourselves from the chains of the past.

If you want to change your personal reality, you have to go inward and unravel your ‘personality’. Until you heal the wounds of your past, you are going to bleed. You can bandage the bleeding… But eventually, it will all ooze through and stain your life. You must find the strength to open the wounds, Stick your hands inside, “pull out” the core of the pain that is holding you in your past, and make peace with the pain.

Firefly Services

Psychosomatic Therapy

90 minute experience: €160

120 minute experience: €200

120 minute 2 person experience: €350

75 minute online experience: €100

Disclaimer: a deposit within 24 hours of initial booking is required to secure appointment


These are intuitive therapy sessions where I use various psychodynamic and somatic-embodiment tools, subject to what I feel you and your body needs to help in your healing process. It is a hands-on, practical treatment, where I guide you into your internal electrical system and somatic body (nerve cells, fascia, connective tissue, muscles, nerve circuits at a synaptic level)

The model I use is a body-oriented therapeutic model that helps people heal out embodied trauma, be it stored, unseen/unresolved, or immediate trauma, as well as other stress disorders such as PTSD. I work directly with the Limbic System (emotional brain where the subconscious mind is located), the Nervous System and Vagus Nerve. The vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve in the body, and has 80% of its branches in the parasympathetic nervous system; this is our rest and digest system which induces an anti-inflammatory response throughout the body. The vagus nerve controls our brain-gut axis and dictates our neuroceptive awareness.

Tools that I use in my sessions include but are not limited to:

  • Subconscious unravelling to gauge what limits beliefs are neurally firing in the limbic system, specifically the amygdala, hippocampus and thalamus all located in the emotional brain
  • consciously connected breathwork to stimulate an afferent to efferent vagal process, with the aim to switch off the defence mechanisms and threat responses in the autonomous nervous system
  • inner child connection to resurface old memories that are running subconsciously
  • activation of the parasympathetic nervous system to signal anti-inflammatory biochemical responses within the internal system
  • brain-gut-body coherence techniques including body scanning and chakras activation aimed
  • recalling, reframing and reimprinting protocols to aid cellular release and regeneration
  • guided trauma cycle completion to process old emotions, thoughts, perceptions, sensations, and neuroceptions
  • guidance into neurogenic swaying, shaking and tremoring for releasing the imprints of trauma, pain and stress from the nervous system and somatic system
  • gut massaging and rolling for digestive system healing
  • Engaging the interoceptive, proprioceptive, neuroceptive pathways to connect with one’s inner sense of self
  • various sensory stimulation using aroma oils, incense, soothing binaural beats,
  • somatic movement, fascial stretching, fascial manoeuvring, in alignment with releasing trigger points and pain markers
  • cranio-sacral techniques, acupressure, and working on meridian points
  • vagus nerve stimulation and toning through various portals such chanting, gargling, rapid eye movement, massage, muscle contraction and pressure, breath patterns
  • direction on neuroplasticity and one’s allostatic load (resilience to stress and pain)
  • guidance on upholding good energetic hygiene such as morning routines; caffeine consumption; energetic clearing, cleansing and smudging; food choices; natural supplements; sensory stimulus; homeopathy; bathing; electromagnetic consumption; bed time routine and sleeping patterns; fasting protocols for cellular autophagy

I work with you to release any stored and undischarged nervous and stress energy that may be stuck in your body in relation to a traumatic episode or event, to release the imprint of it on the body. I help you to calm the Nervous System to move out of dysregulation and dissociation. With my coaching style, and body first approach to healing, I help you to understand how your limbic brain and embodied neural network is responding/has responded to the traumatic event/episode.

My approach to somatic therapy, where I work directly with the nervous system and vagus nerve, can be benefited by absolutely everyone. It is particularly effective for souls who have experienced, or currently experiencing, traumatic events such as:

• adverse childhood trauma such as domestic abuse, alcoholism in the home, abandonment, homelessness, neglect, parental divorce

• sexual abuse such as non consensual sex

• addiction problems such as food, drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping 

• tragic and traumatic accident, involved or witnessed as trauma can be secondary

• crime victimisation

• domestic violence including physical and verbal abuse

• failure experiences affirming self limiting prophecies 

• phobias, which are learnt

• sudden death of a loved one and deep losses such as miscarriage, spouse, child

• ongoing stress, panic attacks and anxiety showing a nervous system stuck in a chronic state of sympathetic response 

• cycles of depression and deep lowness showing a nervous system in dorsal vagal shut down state 

• physical traumas and traumatic injuries

• bullying

• outer body experiences, cycles of dissociation, flashbacks, struggling with PTSD

• women with fertility issues, conception and menstruation problems

• libido problems such as inability to orgasm

• chronic pain, joint pain, ongoing inflammation and regular flare ups including fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis

• distorted eating habits such as binging and restrictive patterns 

• suffering with migraines

• stuck in dysfunctional behavioural patterns 

• consistent ruminating thoughts 

• poor sleep and insomnia

• digestive issues such as IBS, bloating, gas, crohns

• skin problems such as acne and eczema

• ongoing throat problems such as strep, thyroid, ulcers, sore throat

• attention issues (eg ADHD) and memory problems (eg brain fog) 

• self harm as means of pain relief

• immune system issues showing up as asthma, crohns, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, allergies

• cardiac issues such as high blood pressure, racing heart beats, Arrhythmia

• respiratory issues such as asthma, irregular breathing rate, COPD

• sensory issues resulting in ailments such as vertigo and tinnitus 

Depending on the level, length and magnitude of trauma experienced, most souls need more than one session to process and heal out traumatic imprints. It takes time to regulate and desensitise the nervous system and guide it out of dysregulation, into a dominant homeostasis that is functioning at a healthy capacity.

As part of your booking and exchange fee, I provide a 24 hour check in post session, as well as a 6 week after-care resource pack which is accessible on my online drive.

“Every individual is a unique manifestation of the Whole, as every branch is a particular outreaching of the tree”

Alan Watts

A Journey Of Higher Conscious Awakening

Psychosomatic Mentoring Programme


This is a personalised and intricate monthly mentoring programme that is a guided journey in self discovery and self empowerment. A minimum of 4 months is required on this programme journey as it includes full spectrum coaching and complete re-parenting approach to Self. We delve into all aspects of the psyche – mind, body, soul, inner child, masculine, feminine. We look at nutrition, stimulant consumption, sleep patterns, morning routines, energetic hygiene, cleansing practise, supplements, exercise routine, and much more. It is an exponential journey of uncovering and unravelling who you are. My intention is to navigate you into full embodied awareness and out of a mind-level programmed shadow self.

I work psychosomatically to guide you in delving into shadow work so that we can unravel your subconscious programming, identify behavioural patterns, reactive responses, unseen and stored trauma, inner child wounding, and other learnt conditioned layers. We work with real-time triggers, identify the root of them and where they are energetically playing out in the body. I guide you on how to navigate through these heightened ‘fight-fight-freeze’ states in the body, so you have embodied awareness of how to navigate yourself back into a grounded connected parasympathetic state. We use these triggers as opportunities to heal the wounded parts of your psyche. And also to bring up into the awareness viscerally imprints in the body and nervous system that are coming up to be healed and processed out. I teach you how to move through a complete emotional/trauma cycle, so that nerves energy does not become stagnant/blocked in the body. This will aid your Allostatic Load (resilience to stress).

I use psychosomatic therapy modalities to work consciously and gently with the Nervous System and Neuro-Biological pathway. We work consciously together to unravel your subconscious programmes and traumatic memories so that we can reset and reorganise information in the emotional brain, also known as the Limbic System. The aim here is to aid brain plasticity (neuroplasticity), while guiding you out of chronic survival response and hard conditioning to high pain thresholds. We work to resent and regulate the Nervous System out of dissociation, dysregulation and numbness, so that you can feel your neural pathway online in the body (known as Bioplasticity). I guide you into what is known as Interoceptive Awareness where we feel deeply connected to your body and its electrical lines. We work to tone the Vagus Nerve, the the main cranial nerve that modulates our brain-gut axis and dictates how fast we bounce back from stress and pain response. We will unravel your familial and societal conditioning, automatic programming, imprinted trauma (including immediate and generational trauma), limiting beliefs and narratives that are stored in your brain and body and playing out in real-time in your life. All of the latter informs how we perceive ourselves and the world, and how we show up in relation to others. How we are internally wired informs our emotions, feelings and thoughts, behavioural patterns and actions, tone of voice, the language we use, how we hold ourselves. We manifest our external realities based what somatic information we have stored in our internal plane and how we have been hardwired from early as our developmental stages (even from the womb space). We are embodied energy after all. Our geopathic storyline playing from inside energetically attracts and pulls in people, places, things and experiences that keep affirming back to us everything we already believe and feel on the inside (unconsciously and subconsciously). This is metaphysically and neuroscientifically fact.

But the amazing thing is… you can create a better life for yourself. It all starts deep within your body, the emotional brain, the nervous system and soma, that make up your unique bioenergy field.

The programme includes a weekly 75 minute intense therapy session where we do full embodiment work. It also includes a 90 to 120 minute group container call once per month with other souls who are on the same awakening journey with me. You also receive daily support from me on a personal WhatsApp chat to support you in between our 1:1 sessions, access to the Firefly Mentor Group WhatsApp Chat to connect with others who are on the same journey, and Firefly’s Online Drive accessible on Google with a host of resources I have created to help you on your journey.

You will receive deep Somatic Therapy and Trauma Release work in all of your 1:1 sessions, while you can also avail of Energy Realignment and Cacao Therapy Wellness in this monthly sign up. Any other events I hold you can avail of these too at a discount.

This is an all rounded programme, geared towards someone who is really looking to go deeper into their healing and be free from the chains of the past. No stone is left unturned. Who you under all of the layers will be revealed, and life as you know it will dissolve as you move through a complete embodied rebirth.

The energy exchange is variable depending on the type of sign up, which can be discussed in a consultation. A minimum three month sign up is required to enrol on this programme. Once we consult I will share with you a large document outlining the programme in more detail.

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful parts of us.”

David richo

Energy Realignment

75 minute treatment

Exchange €130

Disclaimer: A deposit within 24 hours of initial booking is required to secure appointment


Can you feel your energy stream? Do you give yourself time and space to sit still and be one with your body? Do you have emotions, feelings, sensations, sensory cues appear in the body and can’t seem to navigate it? Is your nervous system stuck in fight/flight/freeze? Can you feel something stagnant in your body and it just keeps recurring? Is your physical body showing signs of stuck energy through heaviness, inflammation marks, ongoing sickness?

Are you listening to your body or just numbing out? All we are, in truth, is embodied energy. Your body will always communicate to you. 

When energetic sensations keep reappearing in the body, it’s a sign that old nerves energy hasn’t been moved out. When we don’t release old energy, or let’s say we attach to it which inevitably informs the body to hold onto it, it becomes ‘stuck’ and builds up, making the feelings and sensations more and more intense over time. This can then eventually manifest in the physical body through various sicknesses. This stuck/stagnant energy can consciously and unconsciously cause us to be in a space of repetitive cycles, feeling unbalanced, unwell, foggy, anxious, heavy, sick, dissociated, numb, etc. 

This is where I can help assist you and give your body the nudge it needs to move it out.

In this personalised Energy Realignment experience, I work with your 7 main chakras, your embodied energy centres, to help open, move and release any stagnant energy blocks that are stuck or blocked in your body. I use Universal Life Force energy to facilitate realigning your energy channel.

Lying comfortably on a plinth, I will guide you through an intentional, conscious breathwork pattern to help you connect with your body and guide the nervous system to shift into a parasympathetic state. With the body in a relaxed state and the mind at ease, I will guide you in moving off into a meditative embodied state. As you give yourself permission to be in embodied relaxation, I will perform sound healing on you and then realign your chakras one by one, spending 5 minutes channeling life force energy down through my hands and into each power centre.

This session is 75 minutes in length. You will be lying comfortably on the plinth for 45 minutes, with warm blankets and a candlelit environment. We finish the session with a heart centered conscious chat about what showed up in the session, as a gateway to opening up your subconscious programming, limiting beliefs and feelings, unseen trauma and any underlying issues that you may not have been consciously aware of.

You will leave the space feeling light, relaxed, at peace, one with your mind and body, connected and grounded.

“Together we are all on a journey called life. We are a little broken and a little shattered inside. Each one of us is aspiring to make it to the end. None is deprived of pain here and we have all suffered in our own ways. I think our journey is all about healing ourselves and healing each other in our own special ways. Let’s just help each other put all those pieces back together and make it to the end more beautifully”

Ram Dass

Cacao Wellness Therapy

80 minute treatment

Exchange €140

Disclaimer: A deposit within 24 hours of initial booking is required to secure appointment


Here I use a beautiful natural organic plant medicine, 100% raw ceremonial grade cacao from Guatemala.

Traditionally, raw cacao has been used by many indigenous tribes and in homeopathic therapies for its proven healing and health benefit properties. It is proven to reduce inflammation around the whole body, improves gut health and boosts the immune system (highly loaded with iron, magnesium and calcium), has the antioxidant effect within the compounds that it is composed of including flavonoids and polyphenols. Incorporated into everyday lifestyle raw cacao has multiple health benefits including increased energy levels, lowered blood pressure, better sleep, improved digestion, increased insulin sensitivity (helping with reducing the risk of diabetes). It’s one of the highest plant-based sources of magnesium, which is important for healthy heart and brain function – it helps turn glucose into energy, enabling your brain to work with laser-sharp clarity and focus. And of course, its a fabulous source of four scientifically proven “happy” chemicals – serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylethylamine. These neurotransmitters are associated with warm, fuzzy, cosy feelings of wellbeing, bliss and happiness, As you can see, this natural unprocessed food is a super food and brings positive energy to one’s life and welbeing.

In a spiritual context, raw cacao is known for its heart opening abilities, due to the fact that it is natural and organic, holding the frequency of nature – the energy stream we are most in harmony with. Its heart-opening properties are also attributed to its high levels of theobromine, a mild stimulant that is a mood booster and alter’s one state of awareness. It has been used through time to help souls tune into their inner spirit and wisdom, giving one a deeper sense of self and embodied understanding. It offers a beautiful gateway to explore and touch the depths of your heart, soul and Spirit, and activate/promote inner healing and remembrance of your Truth.

This session is 90 minutes long. It includes an initiation with raw ceremonial grade cacao and a space to drop into your body and connect with your heart -this is where your truth and light is.

Sipping on your mug of homemade cacao, I guide you in connecting with your heart centre and accessing universal love energies that offer so much healing and inner-processing. I guide you in tuning into’ why’, your intentions for the session and the use of the plant medicine, and what you want to release and manifest moving forward. This is a powerful portal in the session, the speaking aloud of intention, as it holds so much manifestation energy. We talk about manifestation, what it is, how we ‘do’ it and ‘be’ in the flow of it, and how the process of manifesting works.

Tuning into your body, I guide you in feeling into how the body feels in its internal environment. This gives you space to bring up into your awareness your energy rhythm, energy blockages, underlying issues, feelings, sensations, thoughts, that are playing out in your psyche. We have a conscious heart centred talk about what is showing up and I guide you in feeling into the truth of it all. Once we’ve made a connection with the body, I will bring you through an intentional breathwork and body scanning meditation for going deep into conscious connection. As you drift off into a beautiful place of embodied awareness and relaxation, I will facilitate some sound healing and channel in a short yet effective energy healing.

The session offers a space to be in pure relaxation and self-reflection, to provide an inner-silence allowing you to purvey the body and mind in peace and groundedness. It is a space to come back into yourself. It is rooted in helping you re-balance your energies, open up your heart, and restore your well-being. We finish with feedback over some refreshment and/or herbal teas.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another. Matter is energy, energy is light, we are all light beings. Every cell has life. Matter has life. It is energy solidified. Our bodies are embodied energy. Everything is energy.. that is all there is to it… Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can’t help but get that reality”


Consult Meeting

50 minute meeting

Exchange €60

Disclaimer: meeting fee must be exchanged within 24 hours of initial booking to secure appointment


A consult meeting can be conducted in person or online. It is required if you are inquiring about signing up to my monthly mentor programme. It’s also for someone who is unsure of what treatment they need.

This is a really significant part of the puzzle in any 1:1 work on a deep soul level. Our souls have to know one another. For me, I work with souls through intuitive resonance. Consulting before any sign up gives me, and you, a feel for one another, to see if we are a match and aligned. It gives you space to feel if what I offer is for you, and if you’re ready for the modalities of somatic practise.

From resonance we build a mutual trusting relationship, one where you feel open to show yourself fully. It’s a co-creation and co-commitment.

A consultation takes 50 minutes. It involves a thorough conscious unravelling about where you are in mind, body and soul. It gives me the opportunity to feel into what you are looking for guidance with and what I can put in place to support you in your healing and expansion. It provides you with a space to speak openly about yourself, your life, and your current obstacles that are blocking you from living in abundance, feeling internal happiness, inner peace and freedom.

I will go through what programmes and treatments I offer and suggest which one(s) I feel would suit you best. I will answer any questions you may have about the process also.

From this point on, it is in your hands if you want to come on the journey with me or not. There is no pressure as I trust the Universe aligns me with who I am meant to work with.

“When you find out that there was never anything in the dark side to be afraid of … Nothing is left but to love”

Alan watts

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